TARMO+ Low Carbon Housing Tampere Plus project was run by EcoFellows Ltd. as a neutral ERDF project that operated in Tampere and Tampere Region between 2015 and 2017. In this page you can find information collected through the project. Since the project has end the page is no longer updated.

TARMO+ was made to meet the strategies set for at the regional, national and EU level to implement climate, energy and land use policies in order to tackle the problems presented before. TARMO+ brought energy service companies and users of their services together, which helped develop the supply of and demand for these services and additionally create jobs.

Motivating the stakeholders and all interest groups is one of the most important direct factor to create environmental friendly atmosphere, where sustainable solutions are easier to make. The aim of the project was to help housing cooperatives plan and execute high quality repair processes – solutions that will lead to low carbon and low energy costs.

TARMO+ organized neutral and free of charge activities for housing cooperatives at Tampere Region.  We arranged exhibitions, Good housing nights, excursions among other things. Read more about those here!

URBACT Good Practice -label

TARMO+ project was recognized as a European Good Practice for the work done in the field of low carbon housing. The “URBACT Good Practice” label was received following a successful call for proposals and an intense selection process.

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Success stories

In Tampere housing companies multiple repair construction projects have been executed which have reduced housing costs and energy consumption. Here are couple of examples:

Does your house already have its own Energy Expert? TARMO+ supported neutral Energy Expert activities that plays a key role in successful repairing and building management. Energy Expert is a regular resident, most often a part of the board, who participates in a training for a few nights and gains basic understanding of energy efficiency related issues. This can benefit both himself/herself and his/her housing cooperative. Several housing managers have taken part in the training as well. In Tampere, there are already 200 experts, and the information sharing and cooperation between them is active. More about Energy Experts in here!